The Best Things You Can Do Once You Arrive In Augusta Georgia

How many times have you been to this state of Georgia, yet you have not stopped in Augusta before? This is very close to the South Carolina border, and it has many attractions, a city with a population of about 200,000 people. There are things to do including checking out the museums, going through different older homes, and taking part in walks along the river. If you are into golf, the Masters is played here, a sporting event that attracts tens of thousands of people. Let’s look at what you ought to consider doing if you are going to be spending a week or two in the city of Augusta.

Sites And Landmarks

one of the top attractions for people that come to the city is to start walking down the river. It is a sightseeing tour, known as the Riverwalk, and you will see not only beautiful scenery, but amazing houses that are all up and down the sides. Whether you go on an official tour, or you decide to just go jogging or take your dog for a walk, it is absolutely beautiful. You can also take a few moments to go to the Sacred Heart Cultural Center, and also the home of Pres. Woodrow Wilson where he grew up as a boy.

Places You Should Also Visit

There is the Morris Museum of Art where you are going to not only enjoy the building itself, but everything that’s inside. It has been there for roughly 200 years, and it has been renovated to create a very unique and memorable experience. You will see paintings, artwork, and get a feel for how people lived a couple hundred years ago in this beautiful building. Finally, if you are a fan of golf, you can travel to the Masters tournament which is held the first and second week of April.

Another benefit of going to this particular city is that it’s so close to many other popular tourist destinations. It is east of Atlantic, placing you close to other cities like Charleston and South Carolina, Charlotte in North Carolina, and Savannah Georgia as well. You can take these excursions, getting to experience a lot of how people live on the East Coast of the United States. You will definitely want to return again because of the many different activities that you can do as a result of staying in Augusta.

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